Topic outline

  • General

  • Infuse Learning as a Formative Assessment Tool

    Infuse Learning is a free web-based tool that is simple to use but has powerful functionality. Part of its power is it can be used with any web enabled device so learners can even use Smart phones to join in with quizzes.

  • EdCanvas: create a digital, interactive canvas

    EdCanvas allows you collect digital resources together to produce a canvas themed around a topic. There are template designs for you to use that produce engaging collections that can then be embedded into a VLE or used as stand-alone links.

  • Mobile Audio Tools

    Looking at apps and resources for smartphones which focus on the use of audio. These include audio blogging with Audioboo, Audio forums with Voxer and the value of external microphones. Maybe of particular use to those working with Visually Impared Learners

  • A whistle-stop tour of Google Apps!

    This session is aimed at those who’ve never heard of the above Google tools, those that know they exist but haven’t tried them, and those that have tried some of them but not used any extensively. At the end of the session attendees will have a good overview of how these tools can be used quickly and easily to enable collaboration and interaction between people and groups.

  • Weavly: Mash-up a story lets you mash up content from YouTube, Vine, LoopCam and Tumblr with a sound track from SoundCloud and add in titles and text. The interface is very simple to use and it allows you to crop videos to just the nitty gritty part you want. The result is a short engaging story.

    You can use the service to create a mash-up story. For learners is means they need to concentrate on getting the essence of a topic into two minutes or less. 

  • Serious Computer Games (SCG) in Vocational Education and Training

    Using computer games and simulations for teaching has been touted around for years now with varying levels of adoption and success in the UK and abroad…Whilst the potential has long been recognised with various studies relating to learner engagement and pedagogical impact, a variety of factors have prevented the large scale take up of them in the vocational classroom setting, at least in the UK.

  • Triptico as an Interactive Teaching Tool

    The teaching staff at Tameside College have made extensive use of Triptico as a teaching tool to use with their interactive whiteboards. Staff from the college will talk about how they have made use of the tool and the difference they have found it makes for their learners.

  • Socrative

    Socrative is a free tool that allows you to create multi choice quizzes. The quizzes can be accessed through any web enabled device, apps are available for some. The beauty is that the interface looks the same whatever the device. Spreadsheet reports are produced for you to track your learners easily.