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Supporting Learners to Use Devices

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Supporting Learners to Use Devices
by Judy Bloxham - Tuesday, 11 February 2014, 3:17 PM

Learners know more about using their phones than we do. This is also compounded by the sheer number of devices and the rapidity at which these change. Develop a learner 'knowledge cafe' get willing learners to be available in a specific space on a rotation basis to coach others on how to get the best out of their device. This could include things like security and privacy settings, how to get the best battery life out of your device as well as sharing good apps and functions.

An area could also be added to the VLE as a wiki so learners can share the best apps for each type of device. Encourage them to say the curriculum area and also the level of study so others can determine if they will suit their purposes.