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Two Forums with a difference

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Two Forums with a difference
by John Dalziel - Friday, 30 August 2013, 9:51 PM

As you will see, if you investigate our new Moodle, I've added two new forums...

Hot Topics Forum Image Health And Safety Forum Image

Guests who Click on either image (not here but in the appropriate section) will be taken to a "Google Form" where feedback can be submitted.

Upon completion of the feedback, the Guest will be thanked and, provided with a link to view other feedbacks.

Note: Bookmarking the URL will allow Guests to re-visit Forum contributions at any time that suits them.

I look forward to reading the feedback.

The HOT TOPICS brought to our attention, will help in our planning and future support.

Remember, the RSC Adviser Team are here to support Learning Providers funded by the SFA and/or EFA.

Go on, tell us your HOT TOPICS!

Share your feedback...